6 Best Free Proxy Sites (2023)

With free proxies, you will never know the best sites that offer free, fast and guaranteed proxies. On some site you may think that the proxy server or proxy is safe and will only make your connection secure.But more often it is not so. It is risky to use them, but as with all free things, they are in great demand. That's why we're here for you to show you the 6 best free proxy sites of 2023.

List of the best proxy sites Freebies for 2023

Name:Total thProxyTotal countriesChoose a proxy country
ProxyScrape4100+42 countriesYes
Free-proxy.cz5000+100 countriesYes
Spys.one28000+160 countriesYes
Hidemy.name10000+60 countriesYes
Razorproxy40000+United States of AmericaYes
Webshare40000000+Austria, Belgium, Canada, China, Finland, France and more than 20+Yes
6 Best Free Proxy Sites of (2023)

There are many sites that offer free IP lists and provide fast and secure services – free proxy plans. Free lists are collected by scanning the web for computers with open connections and work best with first up – ProxyScrape tools, and other applications.

Of course, you can also use them for anonymizing purposes (changing the ip of your connection). But do not expect much, IP addresses of the free list are often slow, unstable and do not stay connected to the internet for a long time. Free proxy plans are more secure, but limited, so they are better suited for one-time tasks. Let's review the best free proxy sites:

6 Best Free Proxy Sites of (2023)
6 Best Free Proxy Sites of (2023)

1. ProxyScrape

The provider enables you to choose from three lists based on its protocol. Either "HTTP (S) or SOCKS4 or SOCKS5" and range from 200 to 2000 IP addresses , which is not much ; that's because ProxyScrape updates IP addresses
Every five minutes to filter the finished items.

You can filter the lists by speed, location, level of anonymity and encryption status. Unlike some other sites ProxyScrape offers excellent export options. You can download the filtered list to a file .txt or use the freely available API.

The downside is that you can't see the actual list before exporting it.And while frequent update times should guarantee live IP addresses, you have no way of knowing if they are running or not, as there are no runtime metrics.

Official website

2. Free-proxy.cz

This site is long-standing and one of the most complete proxy lists of Live features. The free proxy website offers more than 5,000 IP addresses for more than 100 countries. Of course, some of them have a small number of addresses, but major sites like the United States have hundreds.

The website allows you to filter proxies by protocol, location, anonymity. You can get 35 IP addresses per page with additional information about latency, uptime speed, and when it was last checked. You can sort every order. The uptime meter is especially useful , since IP addresses are checked infrequently-every six hours or more.

Official website

3. Spys.one

This site is one of the most extensive proxy lists we've seen, with over 28,000 proxies in about 160 countries. Proxies are updated at different times, when we follow a challenge, some of them were checked a few minutes ago, while there are proxies that have not been updated for more than a year.

Lets you Spys.one filter IP addresses by various parameters such as protocol, anonymity and location.It also includes less common filters such as City, ASN, Squid and Mikrotik proxies.

You have several ways to filter the range of IP addresses you need, the simplest of which are the tabs at the top of the page. Here as additional information by each address, such as response time, uptime and date of its verification.

Despite its size and wealth of options, the Spys.one not the best proxy site to work with. While you can choose a view
Between 30 and 500 IP addresses , there is no pagination, so you never know how many total addresses there are.

Also, you can't already sort columns,and you have no way to export proxies in bulk. Therefore, there are a lot of pickings.

Official website

4. Hidemy.name

It is a VPN provider that also offers a list of free proxy servers. It constantly has about 10,000 proxies in more than 60 countries. To our surprise, among the key countries were Armenia, Belize and Curacao.

You can filter the list by location, protocol and anonymity; the list also displays the speed of the IP and when it was updated. It's nice that you can have several toggle switches at once, for example, to include both anonymous and premium addresses.

The list is updated frequently. The latest proxies were updated one minute ago the last time we checked , the oldest was
About four hours ago. The biggest problem actually is getting the list out of the website.

You can export them in several ways, but only after paying 5 dollars. This is one way to monetize.

You can check on this list that contains The best vpn for Windows.

Official website

5. Razorproxy

Although it is a private proxy provider, Razorproxy offers a completely free plan. The plan gives you access to 40,000 IP addresses of shared data centers in the United States.

The provider's proxies will be faster and more stable than any public address. In addition, they are automatically challenged, so you won't need
To manage the proxy list manually.We just hope that it will be a monthly deal and not a one-time deal.

With the free Razorproxy plan, you get 2 GB of data without other restrictions, which is very special. This will require filling out a form. If you enjoy the service, you can upgrade to a paid plan as soon as you run out of traffic.

Official website

6. Webshare

Webshare offers 10 agents for stationary data centers from four different locations. These are special IP addresses, which ensures predictable uptime and performance.

The provider gives you the option to rotate this list, although I'm not sure how well it does with very few IP addresses. The catch You get 1 GB of traffic (per month) with a maximum of 50 parallel threads.

Official website

Hence, we have finished showing you the best free proxy sites for 2023.

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