The best cooling fan for PC 2023

The best cooling fan for a computer 2023, and the correct installation method to benefit from cooling greatly.

All computer users suffer from the problem of heat in computer processors, as a result of several factors, including high temperatures, especially in Arab countries, or as a result of high use in games and programs that require maximum performance of the processor and screen card.

We need a cooling fan, whether the processor or a graphics card, by choosing the best cooling fan for the computer that suits your use, in order to ensure the excellent performance of the computer without trouble and fear of overheating and affecting the system or components in any way.

Here, in this article, is your guide to how to properly install a cooling fan for your computer and get the most out of it.

The airflow direction of the computer fan 

Cooling fan flow direction
Best cooling fan for computer

To determine the direction of the air and the flow of cold air to the system board, the processor and the graphics card, and the hot air is expelled to the outside. Note the picture. You will find the arrow indicating the correct flow of cold air into the interior.

You can make sure of this by reading the instructions on the fan. Test the fan and find out the direction by placing your hand in front of the fan and turning it on before installation, and you will know the direction relative to the air force.

We care about the type of fan, as well as its correct configuration. Static pressure fans are good at moving air and have high flow as they move large volumes of air inside.

When a fan pulls in more air than it puts into a computer, this is excellent because it creates excellent pressure by pulling hot air out. This gives record performance in a single-vacuum system.

The negative thing in this regard is the entry of dust with the air into the interior, but do not underestimate that you can clean using a brush such as a toothbrush.

How to cool the system unit and CPU

We will talk about two types of coolers:

Tower air cooler

Best cooling fan for computer
Best computer cooling fan

This type of cooler is traditional and the most widely used. When you use this type of cooler, you want the existing fan to exhaust the air towards the exhaust in a bag. From the picture, you will notice that the graphics processor unit ejects hot air to the top, which is an excellent setting for a gaming computer. The negative thing about this is that the central processor temperature rises slightly when the air cooler (fan) is running. The temperature rise can be reduced by reducing the fan speed.

AIO liquid cooler

If you are cooling your CPU with AIO, the settings include placing the cooler on the front or top of the case. Both methods give good performance. To prioritize GPU cooling, you can place the AIO CPU on top of the case as exhaust. This will make the CPU a little hotter, but the GPU will stay cooler.

How to cool down a GPU 

The graphics processor unit (graphics card) consumes a lot of hot air, especially if it is open and more than the CPU.

The best cooling fan for a graphics card
Graphics card

To increase the cooling of the graphics card: install the fans to give air to your graphics card, this air will be given directly to the main fans installed in the graphics card, and so they do two operations together and benefit more from the performance of the graphics card.

If you cannot or your device does not support the installation of additional fans, you have another option, which is the front fan with the upper or rear gear fans. All you need is at least one entrance and one fan in your device. You can increase if it is for games or programs that require high performance of the device. .

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