Download Huawei Manager application for iPhone

The link to download the Huawei Manager application for the iPhone, the latest version, hmanager, has been placed here. If the application has been modified, the link will be replaced and the date updated.

note: Some fifth-generation routers, such as the 370 model, face a problem with the disappearance of the 5G partition table, and some of the 372 model, but not all, and the reason is due to the router update and the place of purchase, whether it was unlocked or from the service provider.

The Huawei Manager app for iPhone allows you to connect to your Huawei Router (Cellular Router 3G / LTE / LTE-PLUS / 5G) and manage it at its best.

You can check the values related to your connection to the BTS (Base Transceiver Station), signal strength, to control the real (and instantaneous) speed of the Internet connection and to configure bands (LTE).

It is possible to check the information about the BTS to which the router is connected through the map provided by with a simple click on the cell number.

Important instructions before turning on the router on the Huawei Manager hmanager app for iPhone

  1. After downloading and installing the application, if the router settings password
  2. admin
  3. It is the default password for Huawei routers. Open the application normally.
  4. But if you changed the password previously... Please turn off the Wi-Fi from the mobile, then open the application and go to the 3 dashes at the top in the left corner, then choose (user settings and router password) and write your password, then save.
  5. Close the application...then open Wi-Fi...then open the application again.
  6. the reason ? : When you open the Huawei Manager application and you basically changed the default admin password, it will automatically log in with the wrong password! If you do not change it quickly, you will receive an automatic ban for 5 minutes to log into the Huawei router settings.

Download Huawei Manager hmanager app for iPhone

You can now download the Huawei Manager program or application for the iPhone, through which you can control your router and know all kinds of data, such as:

  • The type of each network and its frequency
  • connection status
  • The name and type of the router
  • Tower number and band number
  • The router's ip
  • neighboring constellations
  • Total upload and download speed
  • Total data and running time

Link to download the Huawei Manager hmanager app for iPhone

Download Now

Download the app for Android from Here

Explanation of the Huawei Manager application for iPhone

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