Find X6 Pro contains the best camera phone

Oppo believes that Find X6 Pro It has the best camera phone on the market and DxOMark testers seem to agree. When the phone got 153 points , leading the ranking on all other phones, one point ahead of Honor Magic5 Pro And 3 points ahead of Huawei Mate 50 Pro in third place.

The Oppo Find X6 Pro is the new No. 1 in DXOMARK's smartphone camera rankings, thanks to its outstanding overall performance and massive improvements, making it an excellent choice for photographers who want to capture landscapes and details in all lighting conditions.

Oppo's latest flagship uses large image sensors across all its camera modules, contributing to excellent texture and noise results in photos, zoom, bokeh, and video. In a test, fine details were preserved impressively well, and noise levels were kept very low, making the Find X6 Pro the best camera phone out there.

In low light it still gives excellent pictures, which makes Oppo get the highest score for low light performance. Outstanding texture and noise reduction in low-light conditions, as well as accurate subject exposure and beautiful colours, mean the Oppo Find X6 Pro is currently the best choice for smartphone photography in challenging low-light conditions.

Find X6 Pro contains the best camera phone
Find X6 Pro has the best camera phone

The Find X6 Pro also did well on Zoom. Like its predecessors, Oppo's new flagship uses a fairly short focal length in its tele camera module (65mm equivalent) and offers an ultra-wide module with a 15mm equivalent focal length. The large sensors in these units are capable of collecting a lot of photons and thus image information. This means that fine detail is well preserved, not only when shooting with the basic unit, but also at all zoom factors from 0.6x to 3.5x, across all lighting conditions. Also, very few distortion flaws can be seen thanks to the focal length options. In our tests, the Oppo phone also delivered very nice bokeh images, with excellent sharpness and accurate bokeh segmentation.

Due to the Find X6 Pro's impressive results in the test protocol, we compared it with other flagship phones in the DXOMARK database. Since it's one of the few devices with a large 1-inch sensor, it makes sense to use the Vivo X90 Pro+ and Xiaomi 13 Pro, which also have large sensors, to challenge Oppo's performance in texture/noise and low-light tradeoffs, and show how well the sensor's capabilities are used. .

When evaluating the zoom quality, the main competitor of the Oppo Find X6 Pro is the Honor Magic5 Pro as both devices manage to deliver consistent performance in all conditions from the ultra-wide to the mid-range. It also allows for a comparison of HDR processing quality and shutter speed, two key aspects of image quality in which the Honor Magic5 Pro shows impressive results. Focus comparisons are also made with the Huawei Mate 50 Pro, where variable aperture technology adapts depth of field to image content.

In the video Find X6 Pro is compared to a device iPhone 14 Pro , which still holds the number one spot for the video. Both phones have different video technologies, with Apple using the HDR-10-bit visualization format while Oppo is staying safe with the SDR-8-bit video format. Despite these vastly different formats, it was interesting to see how the Find X6 Pro pushed the boundaries of its video technology to be able to deliver better texture/noise and impressive low-light performance that nearly matches the iPhone 14 Pro.

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